Rose Sampler - July

No matter how well and bad I feel with someone new to me,
I think I still love what I love before,
kick away the unhappy memory,
keep it up to plant roses in my heart.
Although I stitch slowly in the recent times,
I have made progress to my rose sampler.
Will keep it moving by stitching little by little.


My Birthday Gift from SBBC

To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed.
My birthday is the 7th of this month,
however, I could only receive my b-gift long after that day.
And, I have viewed all the other presents being exchanged,
since I have posted mine to my secret partner in January.
At the very beginning (until now, I think),
I guess I am always expecting a stitched / DIY gift,
no matter how many I could receive,
I am eager to have a stitched gift from a secret friend I would make here.
Perhaps, it is from the incorrect impression that
every member of the club is someone who likes stitching or handmade things.
But, it seemed that my secret partner was busy to stitch other things,
and there was not much time to prepare something for me.
Or, that was because it was quite a long time from
the starting time of the club until my birthday!
You may say that I shall join an exchange club to ensure that
I would receive something handmade.
I would like to tell you--
I really appreciate the spirit of this Club,
that is, I will have a secret partner and
it is much amazing than merely exchanging things with someone.
OK, never mind,
I have prepared my best stitched piece to join the club,
that is just what I can do.
And I have also said thank you to my secret partner for the gift she prepared for me.
That's all!


Rose Sampler- Jun

Time flies,
I have finished the first 6 parts of the rose sampler,
though I could not chase back the original pace of other members
to finish the 7th part as well.
I am happy that it turns out nicer than I expect.
Oh, I am now having some more time to do others,
just let you know what I have done later!


Rose Sampler- May

May the roses blossom soon,
with lots of birds, butterflies and happiness!
I will certainly keep it up!